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We are excited to bring you the College Essay and Application Prep Bootcamp to give you a head start on your
College Applications.

In-person at our Mountain House location
in collaboration with Dr. Cythia Colon.

GOOD NEWS!! Rising Seniors are just months away from applying to college!  

The BAD NEWS is, rising seniors are just months away from submitting the most important essay of your life. No pressure.  

YIKES! It’s a double edge sword, but for those rising juniors, perhaps it is time to think of an early jump start. 

We wanted to introduce you to College Essay Bootcamp. It’s a 5-day summer camp, being run  at Rrooar Academy in Mountain House by Dr. Colon and her team. You might have seen Dr. C on KTLA, WPIX, WGN, CBS, or Fox 5. She’s on a mission to help any student, no matter their background, gain the confidence and expert coaching to get admitted to your choice college. 


One thing that is a huge help for most students is using the summer to complete the bulk of the college application, especially the essays. Most teenagers struggle with knowing where and how to begin and wonder if they are even on the right track. In College Essay Bootcamp, you never have to wonder. Each morning, students receive valuable feedback in their inbox with guidance on exactly what changes, which direction, how to narrow the focus, and how to edit each draft. 


Alumni campers report leaving College Essay Bootcamp feeling confident, relieved, and excited about the college admission process. 

AND, if you do nothing else, download a Free Sample Packet of Winning Essays. Now, how can you go wrong with a little freebie?

Good luck to everyone!! 

You Got This!

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