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Rrooar Academy
After School
Enrichment Programs
January 2024 - June 2024

Inviting all Tracy Learning Center Parents, Friends & Families to join us for the
Final Program Showcase - last week of June
(exact date TBD) in the school gym

Theater Show - Jack & the Beanstalk
Reader's Theater - The Three Little Pigs & more
Young Engineers Presentations
Robotics Projects Presentations
Creative Writing, Applied Arts Exhibition
Game Design & App Design Showcase


Mondays 4pm - 5:30pm
Theater – Drama Enrichment

We specialize in enhancing leadership skills and improving social and communication skills through theater games and improvisations. The outcome of the classes will be the one act play Jack and The Beanstalk staged in front of the parents.

Mondays 4pm - 5:30pm
Young Engineers Bricks Challenge

Participants learn about numerous different topics of classical mechanics, including the laws of physics, centrifugal force, centripetal force, force of inertia, kinetic energy, potential energy, law of action-reaction, lift force, torque, leverage points, load distribution, force conservation, angular momentum and more.

Tuesdays 4pm - 5pm
Reader's Theater

We focus on a type of acting in which performers do not memorize their lines. Sets, costumes, and actions are minimal, and the focus is on each performer’s words and expression - voice projection, enunciation, improved reading fluency through repetitive readings of the text and improved confidence in students’ reading. Students will perform for their families on the last day.

Tuesdays 4pm - 5pm
Game Design with Scratch

Fun & exciting activities while learning Computer Science concepts & taking your first steps to start creating games in Scratch, an intuitive coding interface. The course has 3 levels using the spiral learning technique. Each level builds on earlier concepts as new coding and game design concepts are introduced. Each level is followed by a ‘code with the coach’ phase, giving an opportunity for students to think independently and innovate.

Wednesdays 4pm - 5pm
Public Speaking - Original Oratory & Motivational Speech

This class helps students to unlock their full potential and become innovative leaders, confident speakers and inquisitive learners. Research based interactive exercises and games are used to provide tools to develop  excellent public speaking skills.

Wednesdays 4pm - 5:30pm
Young Engineers Algo Play

A revolutionary STEM program that teaches children the fundamentals of programming and robotics using an intuitive and straightforward physical coding language. Algo Play introduces the participants to the world of robotics through a hands-on and fun educational experience.

Thursdays 4pm - 5pm
Applied Arts - Art & Craft

Our skilled art teachers will take the teachings of great art maestros and help the students transform them on crafting objects like shoe-box art, file folder art, photo frame and much more! Students will learn different art styles from acrylic, oil to watercolors, etc and create their unique creations to take home!

Thursdays 4pm - 5pm
Robotics with Sphero (LittleBits, Microbits)

An excellent way to start exploring robotics, this program brings together the programming concepts with Sphero RVR and Mechanics with Sphero Little Bits. Participants build fun, hands-on projects as they learn about engineering and computer science concepts.


Fridays 4pm - 5pm
Creative Writing

We mentor kids to write their books and we give a platform to publish them. A fun after school club where they will contribute to an Anthology of Short Stories.

Fridays 4pm - 5pm
Mobile App Design

Participants learn to design Apps on Android. In this 2-level course, students understand and use computer science concepts with the increasing complexity of building an App. Each level ends with a ‘code with the coach’ phase, giving an opportunity for students to think independently and innovate.

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