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Mountain House
Mom & ME

New 10-week session starts
week of Feb 26
$169 for the entire session

(no classes LUSD Spring Break 4/1-4/5)

Tuesdays 10am - 11am
Mom & Me - Music & Movement

Sing, dance, play instruments as parents and toddlers explore the senses, support visual & auditory development, build self-esteem & encourage communication skills, create harmony and support socio-emotional development.


Wednesdays 10:30am - 11:30am
Mom & Me - Young Engineers Algo Brix

Toddlers learn, build and innovate with a parent as they improve their motor skills, early learning skills, imagination, social & communication skills. Algo Brix is a revolutionary STEM program that teaches children the fundamentals of programming and robotics using an intuitive and straightforward physical coding language. Algo Play introduces the participants to the world of robotics through a hands-on and fun educational experience.


Thursdays 10am - 11am
Mom & Me - Applied Art

A nurturing, creative experience to encourage self expression & curiosity, Improve fine motor, social & communication skills along with Mom.

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