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Creative Writing - Become a Published Author

This session is  designed with a goal to  empower the creative mind to translate thoughts on paper in a comprehensive way through creative writing prompts and exercises and eventually finish a picture/chapter book.  


Acting & Leadership - A One Act Play

The Theater Factory specializes in enhancing leadership skills and improving social and communication skills through theater games and improvisations. The classes will end with an improvisation showcased in front of the parents.

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#Gamemaker - Programming with Scratch

Fun & exciting activities while learning Computer Science concepts & taking your first steps to start creating games in Scratch, an intuitive coding interface.


Illustrations & 2D Animations with Scratch

Become a digital artist and create illustrations & animations in Scratch, an intuitive coding interface, while learning Computer Science concepts. Chisel the problem solving and critical thinking skills.


Microbiology Decoded

Revealing the secrets of microscopy and how it impacts our lives - preventions, cures & vaccines from the world of Microbiology. Continue the journey with Dr. Microby as he travels through the various human body systems.


Python Programming

Create fun, interactive projects while learning Computer Science concepts in Python,  one of the most popular, intuitive, open-source programming languages. The introductory course is a great & fun way to start text base coding. Subsequent courses do a deep dive into programming concepts and help navigate and build towards a career in Data Science.


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Unravel the world of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. AI/ML can be applied to every sector to enable new possibilities. Position yourself for success by doing hands on projects & teaching machines.


Original Oratory & Motivational Speaking

Get trained, perform, compete and succeed in Rrooar’s Original Motivational Speech Competitions. These classes follow research based methods to train students for public speaking. Confidence & articulation in public speaking is a key ingredient of success.


Young Engineers - Bricks Challenge

An innovative STEM Program where kids use scientific principles to build exciting building block projects, develop creative thinking skills, work collaboratively and develop time management skills.


Young Engineers - Galileo Technic

An innovative STEM Program to advance the engineering expertise, develop the ability to analyze engineering processes and acquire engineering implementation skills. The program encourages independent and creative thinking & provides a knowledge of the laws of Physics.


App Designing on Android

Learn to design Apps on Android. Understand and use computer science concepts with the increasing complexity of building an App. Hone your critical thinking and problem solving abilities as you design your own App.



Explore Robotics with Sphero, Design your own Robotic Car - unique, interactive, hands on and fun projects as students learn about engineering and computer science concepts with the basic of electronics, electricity, mechanics, locomotion and programming.


Web Development

Begin your journey in Full Stack Web Development with an introductory course in Web Designing with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and continue with JS and React as you enhance and build your website.

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